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No One Will Hear Your Screams
BY Thomas O'Callaghan

Wildblue Press
19 May 2020 / ISBN 978-1-952225-14-7
Thriller/ Suspense

Reviewed by Sandie Vega


This author has a very vivid and scary imagination that will terrify you! It's one of those books that you can't put down, but you know it might give you nightmares. This story has a long cast of characters that are all entwined together. You have to keep track of each storyline and pay close attention as you read the words from start to finish. This book jumps from present day to long ago as the chapters reveal clues and important information

The author, Thomas O'Callaghan, has done his research, with attention to accurate and on-point, religious details. While the short chapters uncover details you don't want to miss, they are direct and quick moving, making this a very swift book to read. In the end, the author pulls it all together to give the reader the true feel and experience of a very disturbing tale.

It feels like you are living in the moment and feel what the victims are feeling. I don't want to tell you any story detail, that would ruin it for you, so I will preface it in this way: you won't want to put it down, but you will be repulsed at what you are reading, in a good way!

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and specific genre, but it was riveting, and piqued my interest in a way that I will likely read more books written by him. I think if you like thrillers, this is a book for you. Sit back, enjoy it in a well-lit room as this fast-paced story unfolds right before your eyes. Enjoy!

Reviewer’s Notes: Violence, Profanity, Graphic Detail

Reviewed 2020