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On Borrowed Crime
Jane Doe Book Club #1
BY Kate Young

Crooked Lane
October 6, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-64385-462-5

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Sweet Mountain, Georgia is home to Lyla Moody, her family, and her friends who are members of the Jane Doe book club. The book club gals are mystery obsessed, but murder becomes all too real when one of their own is killed. Carol wasn’t only murdered; she was stuffed in a suitcase and left on Lyla’s doorstep!

As the story unravels Lyla makes it her mission to get to the truth, which results in her putting herself in danger, although she’s not stupid about it and has enough awareness of danger to take precautions—most of the time.

This book is a good start for a new series. I was interested in the characters and engaged with the mystery. I always enjoy a book with a southern setting, and while that was emphasized, it wasn’t overdone. I will be interested to see how the series develops from here, and I’m sure mystery readers will like this book.

However, I don’t think I’d necessarily consider this a cozy mystery. To me, it read more like a mainstream mystery with elements of a psychological thriller. While this isn’t a bad thing, but if you typically read cozies, prepare yourself for a story that steps outside of that genre.

Reviewer Notes: The author also writes the Marygene Brown series

Reviewed 2020
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