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On Deadly Tides
Penny Brannigan Mystery #11
BY Elizabeth J. Duncan

Crooked Lane
November 10, 2020/ ISBN 978—6435-468-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Penny Brannigan and her best friend Alwynne Gwilt are on an art group-painting weekend Isle of Anglesey, specifically the town of Beaumaris off the north coast of Wales. Actor/painter Bill Ward is leading the group and although Penny finds him distasteful, she meets Colin Campbell who is a famous wildlife photographer and sparks fly.

Colin and Penny meet Jessica Graham from New Zealand on the first evening of the weekend and both find her spirit of adventure and enthusiasm charming. They are intrigued by her story of how she is there not only to interview Bill Ward but to try to find out what happened to a New Zealand man who disappeared seven years ago.

Penny finds Jessica’s crumpled body at the shoreline near the lighthouse she and Alwynne have gone to paint and it appears that she fell off of a cliff! Penny, having been involved in solving numerous murders over the years is immediately suspicious and the game is on as she, Colin, and the police set out to find a killer.

I was thoroughly charmed by this book having been drawn into the story from page one. Penny is an interesting character and is surrounded by good friends and new acquaintances who play off her well. I loved the setting and the author brought me so close to the seaside that I could almost hear the waves and smell the ocean.

The murder was just one of the crimes committed in the story, and as I usually do, I tried to put all the pieces together to solve the murder for myself. While I was close, the ultimate resolution was not what I thought it would be. I love a good mystery that remains a mystery until the author is ready to reveal all.

There’s also a nice romance between Penny and Colin. I found the later-in-life romance to be tender and heartwarming and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

While I have read every book in Elizabeth J. Duncan’s other series, “Shakespeare in the Catskills” mysteries, I had not read Penny Brannigan mysteries before. This is a perfectly fine standalone read, but I must add that it whets my appetite and I shall be going back and reading the first 10 while hoping that the author is writing a 12th in the series!

Highly recommended!

Reviewer Notes: The author also the “A Shakespeare in the Catskills” mystery series.

Reviewed 2020