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One Little Secret
BY Cate Holahan

Crooked Lane
July 9, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-68331-972-6

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

“One Little Secret” had my full attention as I read the prologue. Clearly, I would need to clear my schedule so I could read the whole book in one day.

Once their children have left for summer camp three couples head to a rented beach house for a vacation filled with rest and relaxation. Things go wrong from the outset and when one of them is murdered everyone and everything looks suspicious.

Detective Gabby Watkins is assigned to the case. She is the most consistent character throughout the book and provided a much-needed focus as to what really happened and why.

Overall, this is the kind of mystery and suspense thriller that people flock to for a beach read, but it is so compelling a tale as to be worthy of reading where you’ll have no distractions at all.

By unraveling the story from different points of view and different points of time, the author draws readers into the “Just one more chapter” stage until you simply cannot stop reading until the very last page. The twists and turns are many and each time I thought I’d come to a conclusion it would be revealed that I was wrong.

Order your copy today and then plan to have some time just for reading. You won’t be sorry.


Reviewed 2019