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The Outcast Girls
A World’s End Bureau Victorian Mystery - Book II
BY Alys Clare

Severn House
1 November 2020/ ASBN: B08JM6PHD6

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


London 1881: Proprietor of the World’s End Bureau Lily Raynor is worried that cases have dried up since their initial success the year before. Things take a turn for the interesting when teacher Georgina Long arrives with a tale of disappearing pupils from a girls school in the Fens. Lily goes undercover as an assistant matron (the last one having left in a hurry) while Felix Wilbraham does his own research into why girls (and staff) keep vanishing.

I have read and enjoyed many of this author’s books but I often think that they would be just as good minus the supernatural element. This one lacks it entirely bar a few weird remarks by Lily’s friend, and I found I enjoyed it more. I do love a good detective story and if all the elements that make up a successful one are present, ghosts need not appear…at least in my opinion. This newest series is shaping up nicely after a good beginning and not only do we get to discover Lily’s secret, we also get to see the detectives working separately this time. You can expect a good twisty plot involving a mysterious society of philanthropists, a school in the remote Fens and several trails to follow as the sleuths unravel the reasons behind the disappearances. Lily has some old ghosts to lay to rest (not the paranormal kind) while Felix gets to do some legwork taking train journeys up and down the country. I found this to be a real page turner, and can’t wait to read the next in the series. Recommended to anybody who enjoys a good mystery.

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Reviewed 2020
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