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A Page Marked For Murder
Beyond the Page Bookstore Mysteries #5
BY Lauren Elliott

October 27, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-4967-2711-4
Mystery/ Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Christmas is over and it’s nearly time for Epiphany, also called the Feast of the Three Kings. Greyborne Harbor, Massachusetts celebrates with a Christmas tree bonfire on the beach followed by an ice carving festival and competition. It is known as the Fire and Ice Festival.

Addie Greyborne owns the Beyond The Page Bookstore in town where Paige Stringer works as her shop assistant. Paige has a complicated family what with her difficult mother, Martha, of Martha’s bakery, her father, Ken, Martha’s ex-husband, and the father of Paige’s daughter, Emma. Brett Palmer has come to town to attempt to claim his daughter.

After Addie finds Brett’s body, Martha Springer becomes the main suspect in his murder because she’d fought with him and had threatened to put an end to his nonsense.

This is a well-written and enjoyable read. It took me a bit of time to get through it because I hadn’t read the previous books and had a little trouble keeping up with the characters and their relationships. After a while, I got them all straight in my mind and was able to continue reading more easily.

The mystery was clever and I was surprised by the outcome. I am now invested enough in Addie and those who surround her that I hope to be able to go back and read the first four books before the next one is published.

With all the elements of a cozy mystery represented, A Page Marked for Murder should be on cozy readers’ lists for fall and winter reading.

Reviewed 2020