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The Pawful Truth
Cat in the Stacks #11
BY Miranda James

July 16, 2019/ ISBN
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

Librarian Charlie Harris has decided to audit an early medieval history class. The professor, Cary Warriner, is handsome and charismatic. He’s also an excellent teacher, and Charlie is happy that he is in the class. Another student, Dixie Bell Compton, is also an older student. though not as mature as Charlie, and she obviously has a personal relationship with the professor. While Charlie doesn’t know the nature of their relationship, he did hear Professor Warriner ask her, “What the hell are you doing in my class?”

The next day Ms. Compton comes to Charlie’s office to ask if he would be her study partner. Charlie gently explains that he is auditing the class and won’t be doing papers or exams, so he wouldn’t be helpful to her. Ms. Compton does not attend the next class, and soon enough Charlie finds out that she was murdered. He wonders if Professor Warriner could be involved in any way.

As events unfold, Charlie’s natural curiosity and logical mind work together to help him try to catch the killer. After another person is killed, Charlie needs to think fast before the killer adds him to the kill list.

There are so many things I love about this series. The laid-back pace, the southern charm, Diesel the cat, and the relationships of people and the animals as they continue to grow. This is a book full of heart, and I highly recommend this latest Charlie and Diesel mystery to mystery readers young and old. This is a fine read as a stand-alone, but I think there is more enjoyment to be had if you read all of the previous books. Each of the books in this series has pride of place on my bookshelves, and they would be a wonderful addition to any book collection.

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Reviewer Notes: The author also writes the Southern Lady Mystery series

Reviewed 2019