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Perfect Little Children
BY Sophie Hannah

William Morrow
February 4, 2020/ ISBN 9780062978202

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


Perfect Little Children introduces readers to Beth, who is a loving mom of two teenagers and wife to a loving husband. As she is doing her motherly duty of taking her son to his football game, she passes by the home of her former best friend, Flora. She finds Flora there calling out to two young children. These children should be teenagers now. Why do these kids look exactly the same way that they did 12 years ago and with the same names? Beth is set to find out, but will she get more than what she bargained for?

Overall, the plot is just strange. No one normally would set forth on trying to discover what is going on with former friends from 12 years ago, especially after the way that Beth and Flora’s friendship dissolved. They would not just drive by their former house to check it out. Beth finds herself in mystery that no one in their right mind would have attempted to solve. Most would have just let it go. The reasoning behind all of the trickery is as strange as the mystery itself. With that being said, this reader was resolved in reading faster because I wanted to know what exactly happened and why. This reader closed Perfect Little Children with a shake of a head.

Perfect Little Children is not for everyone, but if you are looking for something to make your mind think of something else, then pick up this book. This reader can honestly say that I did not think about the outside world while reading.

Reviewed 2020