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Pruning the Dead
Garden Squad #1
BY Julia Henry

January 29, 2019/ ISBN 9781496714817
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Jen Oliver

Pruning the Dead is the first of a new mystery series: Garden Squad Mysteries. It introduces readers to Lilly Jayne who recently lost her husband and is slowly adjusting to life without him. She was asked by some of the other members of a small town called Goosebush to help beautify it to how it used to be back in the day. On the first day of a park clean-up, Lilly’s ex-husband’s third wife is found dead. The list of suspects is long and the one policeman in town is a very green cop. Can Lilly and the other members of the Garden Squad figure out whodunit before another tragedy happens?

As the first in a new mystery series, Pruning the Dead spends a lot of time describing the town of Goosebush. A little too much time in this reader’s opinion. The small-town feel is very important to this mystery and is well established. The lineup of characters and descriptions adds to the small town feel and establishes a list of likely suspects. Lilly Jayne’s character is strong and readers get a good sense of what role she played in her community and what she slowly starts to become again after grieving for her late husband.

Even though this reader predicted who the killer was, the way that it was played out was well created. It kinda reminded this reader of Agatha Christie novels. This reader looks forward to reading more Garden Squad Mysteries and learning more about the residents of Goosebush.

Reviewed 2019