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The Psychology of Time Travel
BY Kate Mascarenhas

Crooked Lane
February 12, 2019/ ISBN
Mystery / Science Fiction/Mystery

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Kate Mascarenhas has written an intriguing debut novel. While the concept of time travel has been explored in many forms, the story is unique in that the time machine has been built and tested by four women in 1967. The perspectives of the women, and of their future selves, alternate throughout the chapters. The author’s studies in the field of psychology (she is a chartered psychologist) enable her to delve into how time travel affects the human mind and the many ways this stressor can manifest.

The book is complex, and it can be difficult to keep track of what each character did during which time period, but with patience and sometimes the rereading of a page or a chapter, I was able to keep up.

The trio of time travel, psychology, and a murder mystery provide enough suspense to keep the reader engaged. Although some parts of the story seemed a bit dry and lacking emotion, it is possible that this was the author’s intent.

While the book is not for everyone, for those with whom the subject of time travel resonates, it is certainly a solid entry into the genre. It is difficult to write this review without giving away too much or over-explaining the storyline. If you are intrigued, as I am, you won’t want to miss this novel.

On another note, I understand that AMC has picked up the film and TV rights, and I look forward to seeing this tale on screen.

The author is working on another book, set in the present time, which she says is more of a fantasy story than science fiction. I look forward to that as well!

I recommend that you get a copy of The Psychology of Time Travel when you can set aside enough time to explore the subplots in depth.

Reviewed 2019