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Rage of the Assassin
Bow Street Rivals Mysteries – Book V
BY Edward Marston

Allison and Busby
18 June 2020/ ISBN 9780749022952
Mystery /Historical

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


London 1817: People outside the Covent Garden theater are jostling to try and catch a glimpse of the celebrated actress, Hannah Granville, including the Prince Regent himself. A shot rings out and a man lies dead; presumably the intended victim was the prince. Or was it? It is up to Hannah’s lover, Paul Skillen, and his twin brother, Peter, to discover whodunit and why.

I always enjoy Edward Marston’s cocktail of ingenious plots, engaging characters and immersive historical background, and this entry is no exception. As usual, it hits the ground running and keeps up the pace as the detectives (and their bumbling Bow Street counterparts) dash up and down the country hunting for clues. This is the fifth in the series, and habitual readers know the characters by now, so finding out what they have been up to and their interactions is all part of the fun, as it is with all good series. The Runners are perhaps a bit too Keystone Cops and seem unable to do even the simplest task properly, adding up to plenty of broadly slapstick humor, but this light relief is one of the series’ trademarks. Expect a plot filled with twists and surprises and 100% pure detective story with a blessed lack of veering off into other genres. Recommended for all readers who love a good historical mystery (and who have read the earlier books).

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