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Read or Alive
Bookmobile Mystery #3
BY Nora Page

Crooked Lane
May 12, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-64385-301-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


The Georgia Antiquarian Book Society has brought its annual fair to the Catalpa Springs Railway Depot where there hasn’t been a train in decades. Librarian Cleo Watkins is so excited that her feet barely touch the ground. Cleo is passionate about books and is thrilled for her gentleman friend, Henry Lafayette, because his business, Gilded Page Antiquarian and Rare Books, is why the fair is in town. Each year the society selects a town with an esteemed book business; therefore, Henry is the host of the event and scrambles to keep everyone happy.

An unscrupulous book scout named Hunter Fox has been charming the local ladies and conning people out of their valuable books. Cleo’s cousin, Dot, is one of his victims. Was Hunter Fox’s con the cause of his murder or was there something else going on? Dot is the prime suspect, but Henry is also a person of interest! Cleo wonders if she really knows Henry as well as she thinks she does.

Cleo is confused and over her head, but she is determined to dig up the clues, put them together, and find the murderer. With the help of her friends, neighbors, and her fabulous feline, Cleo is certain she can figure this out.

This series is getting better with each book. The Southern setting is perfect, and the pacing is just right. I so enjoy reading about Cleo and her bookmobile, her friends, her cat, Rhett Butler, and the town of Catalpa Springs. Despite being a murder mystery, I found this book heartwarming and comforting. The feeling of comfort may be one of the best features of a true cozy mystery.

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