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Sherlock Holmes & the Venerable Tiger
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes #
BY Sam Siciliano

Titan Books
UK 3 August 2020 / US 18 March 2020/ ISBN 9781789092691

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


When a beautiful young woman collapses outside Sherlock Holmes’ home she is naturally taken in by his cousin Dr Henry Vernier. Once inside she reveals herself to be Isabel Stone, heiress to a fortune in jewels but denied her inheritance by her villainous stepfather. Shortly after her departure her stepfather Captain Grimbold Pratt storms in demanding to know what has been going on. Soon the intrepid pair is off to Pratt’s estate and a new adventure.

I’ve read several entries in this series about Sherlock Holmes’ doctor cousin and his wife and this is one of the best ones in my opinion. It is not hard to guess whodunit or why, but there is more going on here and discovering all about it made for some absorbing reading. This is also a fairly light hearted tale apart from the murders for reasons which will be apparent if you read it. The estate has not only the irascible owner and his large housekeeper but a pet tiger and wolf, and a cook who creates some truly awful meals. I confess that I prefer to read about Watson and at times the Verniers are apt to get irritating, plus Mr Siciliano’s portrayal of Sherlock is not one of the most accurate. This author also has a fascination with the size of things, and on every page we are told that one person or item is either very small or (more usually) very large. In my opinion this is the sort of detail you can hear too much about as it mostly has little bearing on anything relevant, and I felt that this novel featured it even more than usual. Aside from this I found the tale to be consistently entertaining and an ideal cheering read for anybody who needs their spirits lifting. Imaginative and very readable.

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