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A Snapshot of Murder
Kate Shackleton #10
BY Frances Brody

Crooked Lane
April 9, 2019/ ISBN
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

The setting is Yorkshire, the year is 1928, and Kate Shackleton has taken a break from her sleuthing to enjoy her passion for photography. The Photographic Society is going on an outing to the opening of the Bronte Museum, and Kate is excited to go. But a murder occurs, and Kate is once again on the case.

Something about this book hit me with a case of atmospheric deja vu. It really seemed as if I’d witnessed all that occurred, and yet the murder mystery remained a mystery in my mind. It is a rarity that an author can capture my imagination so deeply, especially within the first few chapters.

With the murder victim being so obnoxious that almost anyone would have thought about killing him, Kate has her work cut out for her to figure out who did! Faithful readers of the series know that she’ll come through with the answers, and it is an enjoyable ride to read and follow along.

As a traditional cozy mystery, this is fine as a stand-alone read. However, reading the previous nine books in the series can only enhance the character development shown in this book.

When this busy modern world gets to be too much, get your copy and settle down for a trip to an earlier, gentler, and simpler time, where intrigue and murder were the name of the game in the mystery genre.

Reviewed 2019