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Something Read, Something Dead
Lighthouse Library #5
BY Eva Gates

Crooked Lane
March 2019 / ISBN

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

Lighthouse librarian Lucy Richardson is delighted to be a bridesmaid to her cousin Josie O’Malley. The bride and groom want a small, low-key wedding which should be easy enough to plan and organize. North Carolina’s Outer Banks is a beautiful place for a wedding, after all.

Yet chaos steps firmly onto the scene in the form of Josie’s grandmother, Gloria O’Malley. Gloria is determined that Josie’s wedding meet her high standards and she aims to change every detail to her liking no matter what the bride and groom want. She’s brought backup with her in the form of her daughter, Mary Anna, Mirabelle another of Gloria’s granddaughters, and Florence who is Mirabelle’s business partner as well as the daughter of Gloria’s younger brother.

Lucy hosts a bridal shower at the Lighthouse Library, but when Mirabelle takes ill and collapses it puts a damper on things. After Mirabelle dies it appears that bride-to-be Josie is the prime suspect. She had baked the gluten-free treats made just for Mirabelle. It’s up to Lucy to get to the bottom of things and save her cousin, apprehend the real killer and get the wedding back on track.

I always look forward to a new book in this series. This one lives up to my expectations, and now I can’t wait for another one. Eva Gates is a talented author with a knack for hitting all the right cozy mystery notes.

If you’re looking for a new cozy with a library setting, a cat, and an interesting cast of characters, you’ll love the Lighthouse Library Mystery series. Each book is fine as a stand-alone read, but why not treat yourself to all five for a lovely winter binge-reading spree?

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