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A Sprinkling of Murder
Fairy Garden Mystery Series #1
BY Daryl Wood Gerber

Kensington Books
June 30, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-4967-2634-6
Mystery/Cozy / Magic

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Courtney Kelly is the proprietor of “Open Your Imagination,” a fairy garden and teashop business in Carmel, California. Her shop feels cozy and magical, and business is good. She teaches fairy garden design, sells all sorts of accouterments, as well as wind chimes and figurines. She hosts a tea every Saturday, and that is also a book club meeting.

Resident fairy Fiona is at Courtney’s side to do good for a human in order to earn her wings and recover her standing after being punished for too many pranks.

Mick Watkins who owns “Wizard of Paws,” a dog grooming business near “Open Your Imagination.” has made many people furious. Mick is murdered and because Courtney finds his body, the police suspect that she is the killer! Courtney needs to clear her good name and needs Fiona to help her.

I love this book! What a great start to a new series. We all need some distraction right now and a good book will provide that. A Sprinkling of Murder also supplies some much wished for touches of magic with a chance to believe in fairies and the possibilities of unexpected help and hope.

Courtney is a smart and strong protagonist and is surrounded by other interesting characters. There’s Fiona and also her ragdoll kitten named Pixie, shop employee Joss, and best friend Meaghan to name some. The characters are introduced at a good pace, and one of my favorite features of the book is a Cast of Characters list at the front of the book. I am very grateful for this list! There are also several good recipes after the story ends.

Do something nice for yourself by buying a copy of this book today. It may be a murder mystery, but it is a cozy, after all, and there is an uplifting quality that makes it an extra special start to an intriguing new cozy series.

Reviewer Notes: The author is an Agatha Award-winner who writes the Cookbook Nook Mysteries and the French Bistro Mysteries

Reviewed 2020