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A Stranger on the Beach
BY Michele Campbell

St. Martin’s Press
July 23, 2019/ ISBN 9781250227607
Fiction / Literary / Mystery

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


A Stranger on the Beach introduces readers to Caroline, who recently moved into a newly built beach house on Long Island. She wishes that her husband was able to spend more time with her there but he is busy with work…or is it really work that is keeping him away? Caroline meets Aidan, a stranger she meets on the beach when he’s looking up at her new home. Can Aidan help Caroline with her loneliness or will his obsession about her take over everything in both of their lives?

The characterization of Aidan is great in that it establishes that Aidan is sick, obsessive, and not just all there, but it’s also unrealistic in some areas. Caroline is portrayed as someone who is dealing with a person who is more than she can handle, and with her husband gone, she quickly gets in over her head. There is an interesting plot twist at the end that this reader was not expecting, and even though it seemed rushed, the twist works.

A Stranger on the Beach is a great beach read. It is fast paced. It has enough romance and suspense that a readers could read in one day as they are soaking up the sun. Readers, like this one, will be shaking their head in disbelief in some of things that happen, but those actions are what makes one want to get to the next page to see what happens.

Reviewed 2019