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Sweet Tea and Secrets
Tea and Read Mystery #2
BY Joy Avon

Crooked Lane
June 11, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-023-8
Mystery / Cozy

Reviewed by  Laura Hinds

After spending the Christmas holiday visiting her Great-Aunt Iphy in Heart’s Harbor, Maine, Callie Aspen has made the move from New Jersey to Maine. Iphy has found a cottage for her to rent, and Callie will work at Book Tea, which is Iphy’s vintage tearoom.

Iphy plans to keep Callie busy by tasking her with finding something spectacular to present to the town during the Living History events that town Historical Society is arranging for the Fourth of July. A handyman named Quinn will be doing repairs to Callie’s cottage, and he suggests that she search the newspaper archives for a big story from the past. He even offers to go to the library with her.

Quinn quickly finds a story about Monica Walker, a TV star from the 1980s. She was in Heart’s Harbor and mysteriously disappeared. This is just what Callie needs for her “something spectacular”, but after she starts digging deeper, she discovers that the locals have stories about Monica Walker, but they are contradictory. Joe Jamison, editor-in-chief of the local newspaper doesn’t trust Quinn and asks Callie to find out what he’s really up to. In short order, Jamieson is murdered, and Callie sinks her teeth into this new mystery hoping to catch the killer before anyone else gets hurt.

As with the first book in this series, In Peppermint Peril, it was intriguing to watch small-town secrets come to light and there were enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I like Callie and Iphy and the rest of the cast of characters and enjoyed seeing relationships grow from where they were in the first book. Cozy mystery lovers should be pleased with this story.

I highly suggest you get a copy of In Peppermint Peril when you purchase Sweet Tea and Secrets. Sweet Tea and Secrets is fine as a solo read, but going back to the debut book will serve to enhance reader engagement.

I’ll be looking forward to another book from Joy Avon. A new author in the cozy genre is always refreshing.

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