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The Silence
BY Susan Allott

William Morrow
May 19, 2020 / ISBN 9780062983558
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby


The Silence introduces readers to Isla Green, a woman who supports her father through everything, and her dysfunctional family, along with a next door couple. Everyone seems normal. They go to work, even when they hate their jobs. They greet each other hello in the backyards. But behind closed doors, it is a different story. Isla is brought back 30 years to her childhood when her father calls her in the middle of the night explaining that the wife, Mandy, from next door has been missing. Her father is a suspect since it is believed that he was the last person to see Mandy alive. Can Isla put the puzzle pieces together and keep her father and the family secrets safe?

The characterization of Isla Green is a good one. What appears to be a relatively simplistic woman turns out to be so much more. Allott is not afraid to show the flaws of Isla and the rest of the characters, along with the devoting care that they have for each other. In the beginning, the setting of The Silence could be any small town, but the fact that it is a sea town matters more as the story progresses. The mystery is predictable but done in a respectable manner. Readers will not feel dumb if they did not see the connections or overjoyed that they figured it out before the ending.

Overall, The Silence is a decent mystery. It is fast paced due to the writing, not due to the suspensefulness of whodunit. Any mystery fan should enjoy The Silence and not be disappointed.

Reviewed 2020