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The Woman Who Spoke To Spirits
World’s End Bureau Victorian Mystery - Book 1
BY Alys Clare

Severn House
28 February 2019 - 1 June 2019 in US/ ISBN 9780727888686
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


London 1880: Mild mannered clerk Ernest Stibbins hires the World’s End Detective Agency to discover who is trying to harm his young wife, Albertina. The sleuths (owner Lily Raynor and new employee Felix Wilbraham) are baffled how they can do this, for Albertina is a medium and the threats seem to come from the spirit world. At the same time, Lord Berwick wants them to find out about the actress with whom his son has fallen madly in love. It looks as though they are going to be busy…

This is the first in a new series from this prolific author, and like most of her other books, it does have a supernatural element. The book would have worked just as well without it, and rest assured that even if you don’t care for this sort of thing, the actual sleuthing is done without otherworldly help (or hindrance).

Lily is an ex-nurse with a property and a secret in her recent past, while Felix is an upper class young man down on his luck following expulsion from the family home. They work well together and, in the future, there will presumably some romance, but in this first book nothing stands in the way of good solid detection and a page-turning plot. Are the two cases linked? Who is really threatening Albertina? I didn’t take long to read this novel because like the other books by this author I have read, it is a well told and exciting tale with an interesting story. There are a few things that I had to be wondering when I closed the book, but to say what they are would spoil the plot. See what you think. I would certainly read another, woo woo notwithstanding.

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Reviewed 2019