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Total Power
Mitch Rapp #19
BY Kyle Mills

Atria/Emily Bestler Books
September 15, 2020/ ISBN 9781501190650
Thriller / Terrorism

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


Vince Flynn’s Total Power by Kyle Mills adds another disaster readers must worry about in a very realistic story. Before the pandemic, it was hard to imagine that America would ever shut down. Yet now people do not have to use their imagination to realize what it would feel like.

The author noted, "I like throwing new issues at Mitch, so things will not get stale. He has always been the guy to save the day at the last minute. I thought about how he would react if that was impossible, and he had to pick up the pieces. Plus, he has to operate in an environment that he is not used to."

This book details the destruction of America's electrical grid as it wreaks havoc. The book opens with a Congressional hearing where a doomsday scenario is presented. But in typical form, they do not believe it and decide not to do anything. John Alton, a rich playboy, is tired of being ignored. He decides to attack the grids to show his power. He tries to get America's enemies interested, but the only one who accepted was ISIS. After the CIA finds out about the plot, Irene Kennedy sends Mitch and his team to set a trap for Alton. Unfortunately, he escapes and goes to the ground, literally, in a carefully prepared underground shelter.

Regrouping, Rapp, Coleman, and Kennedy plot their next move when disaster strikes, and things suddenly go dark. Now, as the government is in bunkers and the country begins to descend into anarchy, it is every man for himself. Mitch and his team attempt to chase down the man responsible and get the codes that could begin to bring the power back on-line.

"I wrote Alton as a psychopath who hates people. He feels superior and gets a thrill from his power. Definitely a narcissist, women-hater, and a planner. He feels no compassion and is power-hungry. He is very smart, which is why at first, he is able to thwart Irene Kennedy and Mitch Rapp."

This is a new type of adventure for Mitch Rapp since he cannot save the day. Instead, he must capture the man responsible to set things right.

Reviewed 2020
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