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True Believer
BY Jack Carr

Atria/Emily Bestler Books
July 30th, 2019/ ISBN 9781501180842
Mystery / Thriller

Reviewed by  Elise Cooper

True Believer by Jack Carr begins where the first in the series, The Terminal List, left off. Former Navy SEAL James Reece still has his skills, cunningness, and unfortunately his brain tumor. The question throughout the first half of the book, what is he going to do with his life, while the last half is where the action ratchets up.

While sailing across the Atlantic, Reece undergoes an introspection of his life. He reflects on how he is now America’s most wanted domestic terrorist because he sought revenge on those in the US government who cost him everything he loved and cared about: his wife, their daughter, his teammates, and his career. He decides to head for an off-the-grid game reserve in Mozambique fighting poachers. When a series of events uncovers his whereabouts, the CIA recruits him, using a Presidential pardon for Reece and immunity for the friends who helped him in his mission of vengeance. From the hunting of poachers to the hunting of man, Reese travels the globe, targeting terrorist leaders and unraveling a geopolitical conspiracy that exposes a traitorous CIA officer and a sinister assassination plot with worldwide repercussions. Reece discovers behind all the plots is an ambitious Russian oligarch with ties to organized crime. Reece also uncovers that a series of recent terror attacks seem to involve another friend of his, Mohammed Farooq, who the CIA believes is working with the number one terrorist in the world, Amin Nawaz.

The book quote, “Tired of a bureaucracy that tied their hands with absurd rules of engagement and a system…that imposed harsher punishments on privates who lost rifles than on generals who lost wars.” There are military/legal professionals who make them up, and then they are transferred to those pressing the trigger. People are put in a difficult position when the decision is second guessed by those that were not there. The moral high ground must be maintained and is the first priority. But there is a need to understand it is warfare where things are not cut and dry. The final decision makers need to make the right call, but they also need to be backed up. I wanted to bring my experiences as a warrior to these fictional novels

This second book allows readers to understand the thinking of a Special Forces warrior and what they do to keep Americans safe.

Reviewed 2019