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The Vanishing
Fogg Lake #1
BY Jayne Krentz

January 7, 2020/ ISBN 9781984806437

Reviewed by Elise Cooper


The Vanishing by Jayne Krentz is an action-packed story that relies heavily on the paranormal. The psychic element adds to the suspense along with murder, conspiracies, and a kidnapping.

The story opens fifteen years earlier, where two teenage girls, Catalina Lark and Olivia Dayton, witness a murder in a cave. Convinced the girls were hallucinating, their story was dismissed.

Readers find out how the government was running paranormal experiments in the mountains close to a town in Fogg Lake, Washington. After a gas explosion, residents of the town started having visions. But after the government sent representatives to find out what happened, the residents blamed their “hallucination” on food subjects, as they were determined not to become research subjects. Some Fogg Lake descendants, including protagonists Catalina and Olivia, were later born with “another sight.”

“I based the story on serious governmental paranormal research going on in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There were a lot of facilities built. It was a type of arms race with the Soviet Union, who was also exploring paranormal research. In hindsight, I think both countries went a little crazy with it. But for me, it makes good plot material. I thought about what could happen after it was shut down. My Bluestone Project is based loosely on the Manhattan Nuclear Bomb project. There were several scattered lands that were isolated from each other for security reasons. These places were put in non-populated areas. I wanted to show how the government ran secret labs. I wrote “The Foundation” as an undercover government agency that is devoted to studying the paranormal, policing those who went rogue, protecting those with ‘talents,’ and handles crimes that often go unobserved because they don’t look like crimes to the police, but they look like natural disasters or deaths.”

Fast-forward to the present day where Cat and Olivia open a private investigation firm in Seattle. To help solve crimes, they rely heavily on paranormal gifts: Cat has visions of the past, and Olivia can read auras. After Olivia suddenly disappears, Cat fears it has something to do with the murder they witnessed fifteen years earlier. She reluctantly agrees to help another investigator, Slater Arganbright, find who is behind a series of recent murders as long as he helps her find Olivia. Needless to say, a romance forms between the two.

The story has passion, love, danger, and at times the dialogue is very humorous. Krentz creates an atmosphere of tension, drama, and danger.

Reviewed 2020