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Varnished Without A Trace
Tallie Graver Mystery
BY Misty Simon

September 29, 2020/ ISBN 978-1-4967-2376-5
Mystery/Cozy / Holiday: Christmas season

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


It’s Christmas time and in central Pennsylvania, a Christmas Eve bingo game is a huge event. Tallie Graver reluctantly attended to be a buffer between her mother and grandmother but as other players demanded their usual seats, she is moved away from them and ends up next to her crotchety relative, Great-Aunt Ronda.

Ronda is not liked to say the least, but when she is murdered after bingo ends and her husband Hoagie is the likely culprit Tally decides it is up to her to clear his name and find the real killer.

This is the first Tallie Graver mystery I have read. I really liked it! Full of great characters, humor, mystery, and romance there is enough mix so that no single element is too heavy throughout the story.

Christmas, full-throttle bingo, a family funeral home business and small-town quirkiness provide enough action to keep you entertained page after page. This is a fun book! Go get a copy!

My plan is to get copies of the first four books in the series and line them up in order at the top of my too-be-read pile.

I recommend “Varnished Without A Trace” to cozy mystery lovers of all ages. It would make for a good Christmas gift too, so perhaps you should order a few extras when you get yours.

Bravo to Misty Simon and Kensington Books!

Reviewed 2020