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Verse and Vengeance
Magical Bookshop Mystery #4
BY Amanda Flower

Crooked Lane
December 10, 2019/ ISBN 978-1-64385-151-8
Mystery / Cozy/ Magical

Reviewed by Laura Hinds 

When I received my review copy of Verse and Vengeance, I immediately cleared a block of time so I could read it uninterrupted while enjoying every word.

Charming Books is a magical bookshop located in Cascade Springs, New York. Violet Waverly is the proprietor. Violet’s grandmother, Daisy, is the new mayor, and she has launched a bicycle race as a fundraiser so the village can build the Cascade Springs Underground Railroad Museum. Private investigator Joel Redding has been poking around as he tries to uncover the truth about how the bookstore magically communicates with Violet through books.

When Redding dies during the bicycle race, the chief of police, David Rainwater, finds that the brake line of the bike was cut. With Violet topping the list of suspects, Charming Books will have to work its magic with help from Emerson the cat, Grandma Daisy, the shop crow, Faulkner, and Walt Whitman’s books to prove her innocence and find the real killer.

In looking over my reviews of previous books in this series, I noticed that I tend to gush about how wonderful each book is. After mulling that over, I came to the conclusion that the books merited it. To continue the gushing trend, I give the highest praise to Amanda Flower’s intelligent writing and her magical flair

I care about the characters. I adore the bookshop and its inhabitants, including the magical birch tree, the cat, and the crow. As I read page after page, I lost myself in Cascade Springs, and when I read the last word on the last page, I already started to miss the characters. I will be counting down the months until the next installment.

In addition to being an award-winning author, Amanda Flower is a librarian, and I have seen pictures of her beautiful cats. These are my favorite things- books, libraries and librarians, and cats. How could I not love her writing? I believe you will too!

Please treat yourself to a copy of Verse and Vengeance which is available on December 10, 2019. The December release date leaves plenty of time to get extras for your book loving friends!

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