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Violence on Vacation
Caribbean Cruise Cozy Mystery – Book V
BY Susan Harper

Fairfield Publishing
19 May 2020/ ASIN: B0877CR34J

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde 


Hope Harper is thrilled that her younger sister Monica will be joining her for a cruise on the Caribbean Honey. Coming with her are a group of other friends, but when Monica catches her boyfriend Devon kissing her best friend Laurie, things turn ugly. When a death occurs, Monica finds herself in the brig as the main murder suspect so it is up to Hope to turn sleuth again and discover who the culprit really is.

I’m enjoying this series of cozy novellas set on a cruise ship. Hope is starting to get on better with “Fine Felix” Fitter and in this entry, they work together to get Monica set free. I’m glad about this as I personally seldom enjoy books involving characters sniping at one another constantly. It is not hard to discover whodunit but the book has a light, enjoyable tone, although I still think that the first two in the series were the strongest. In these we got to meet a larger cast of crew and there were more descriptions of shipboard life. In this book, both of these features were almost entirely absent, making it seem more like a snack than a meal. Some cozy themes are overused but there aren’t many set on cruise ships and it is such a good choice for a mystery venue, rather akin to the classic house party. Hopefully the next entry in this series will have more of the detail that made the first two so enjoyable.

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