By Sophie Dunbar
Intrigue Press – 1998
ISBN: 1890768081 – Paperback
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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A BAD HAIR DAY is the third title in Sophie Dunbar’s Eclaire Mystery Series.

In A BAD HAIR DAY Claire agrees to join other New Orleans hairdressers in a special hair day promotion being put on by a good friend. Little does she know that what is to be a fun day for all will be the final day for one.  The promotion takes place in October so in the mist of solving two grizzly murders Claire and Dan are invited to a lively Halloween party. Those coming back from the previous mysteries are, Marcel who is putting on the special promotion; his most recent love, detective/model Nectarine and Dan’s parents.

Ms. Dunbar unique talent really stands out in her writing.  In each mystery the first chapter/page sets up the story line, yet does not really give anything away, other than Claire’s feelings sometimes. I like the way she sets the reader up for each chapter.  And the ideas she has come up with for doing away with her victims, I think I can safely say most if not all of them are original ideas yet to be thought up by others.

Get ready for a mystery series with full-bodied characters and sexual innuendoes. 

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