Presented by Jeffrey Marks
Ballantine – Dec 1999
ISBN: 0345436571

Mystery / Anthology


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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CANINE CHRISTMAS is a Christmas mystery anthology and each mystery includes one or more canines.


I have always said a presenter or editor could not go wrong with an anthology.  But when the anthology takes on a special subject such as this one I feel it makes even more entertaining. CANINE CHRISTMAS has a wonderful variety of authors such as, Parnell Hall, whose story “Clicker Training” leads the way; Virginia Lanier who treats us with another story involving her bloodhounds; H. Robert Perry writes a-tongue-in-cheek (at least that's how I took it) mystery called the "Toy Pincher," which I found it quite humorous; Mark Graham's serious story "Fencing Crib" brought some emotions out of me; Jeffrey Marks offers us a hard-to-solve whodunit in "Yellow Snow"; Deborah Adams writes a very funny story about a Psycho Santa and his elves and there's more!  After reading each one I am quite sure anyone who reads CANINE CHRISTMAS will find a favorite among the many tails… I mean tales. 


Note: Holiday mysteries are a treat to read, especially during the Christmas season, but mind you if you stick to enjoying them only one month out of the year, you will miss out on the many, many holiday reads that have been offered in the past and will be offered in the future.  For myself, I have found reading holiday books can be just as magically all year around.

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