7th Angie Amilfi Mystery

By Joanne Pence 
Harper – Oct 1999
ISBN: 0061044547 – Paperback
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Want a good mystery with a millennium atmosphere? This is it, fantasy dinners, alien conventions, mutilated corpses, and an auditorium full of people who witness a body snatching... 

Angie is hired to create a dinner for an author/alien believer. And to create this "fantasy dinner to remember" Angie decides to do a little research. She seeks the help of her friend Connie and an old love interest from the past that works for NASA.  He takes her and Connie into the world of alien believers who are more impressionable than one could imagine.  They meet two groups, the NAUTS and the Prometheus. Each group accuses the other of being phony.


Angie’s love interest Paavo Smith and his partner Yoshiwara spend time together investigating the strange murders and talking personal about the women in their lives.  Pavvo noticed Angie has not been honest with him since her old flame arrived.  And Yoshiwara’s wife, third generation Japanese, is taking Japanese lessons and spending a lot of time with her artistic teacher. 

I found Angie Amilfi to be a warm, independent protagonist. And I was able to picture each character just as Ms. Pence penned them; from the graphic corpses to the alien believers named for the t-shirts they wore. The recipes in the back are out of this world, but I am afraid the mystery might cause some controversy among believers and aliens alike.  Ms. Pence did so well in presenting this millennium mystery that she may find herself being followed by the men in black... 

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