By Laurie R. King
Dell   - Feb. 1999
ISBN: 05531107119
Mystery / FBI /  Detective

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Laurie R. King brings us a terrifying & interesting tale of good versus evil. 

Ann Waverly is a Duncan Point University Professor & an occasional undercover FBI assistant. Ann first worked with the FBI when her 7 year old daughter Abbie & her 31 year old husband Aaron was part of a mass suicide in Northern TX, with a group called Ezekiel's Farm. Ann was also part of the cult, at one time, but, was going threw some changes in her life so she decided to go away and think about her life. When she finally returned Ann found her husband and child dead. That is how she met Glen McCarthy. Now Glen has called upon Ann to help out the FBI again. The group, Ann was to enter into undercover was an Arizona Branch called, Change. Within a month of it's founding, the group started a school for troubled youth. No official complaints were made, but some social workers had noticed that on their visits the older children were subdued. Steven Chance, one of the founders of the group had a background in chemistry, so the FBI thought that a small religious group led by a man who could construct a bomb needed to be under observation. Ann becomes a member of the group to find out what they are really about. 

We go through the good and bad with Ann to the final ending that will leave you breathless. A very engrossing novel that will keep you spellbound all the way to the last word in the book. I consider it a good read. 

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