A Journals of Kate Cavanaugh Culinary Mystery
By Cathie John
Journeybook Press - 1997
ISBN: 0963418343 - Trade Paperback

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This is the first installment of the Kate Cavanaugh Culinary mysteries.

Kate Cavanaugh is heir to the Crown Chili fortune and one of Cincinnati’s favorite theme party consultants.  Preston Schneider, a friend of Kate’s, who runs also the restaurant and fine arts critic for Cincinnati’s Life Magazine was found slumped over the organ in the sanctuary of the First Community Church of Clairmont. The suspect list was long as he was called “restaurant critic from hell”.

Kate is also catering a Christmas party for her mother Patricia Cavanaugh, better known as Tink. As far as Tink is concerned, Kate can do nothing right.  Tink is what I would call a mommy dearest for sure.

On top of all this, Kate’s friend Cherry Jublanski comes to town for a visit.  They have not seen each other in over twenty years. Kate definitely has her hands full but she feels compelled to solve the murder of Preston Schneider.

Add One Dead Critic is well written with a plot that flows with consistency.  Characters are rich with content and humor.  I really liked the fact that the author included Mr. Boo-kat, a Welsh terrier and his high-jinx.

Included in this book are recipes that sound wonderful and I intend to try them. This is a very light-hearted read.

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