By Clyde LynWood Sawyer Jr. and Francis Witlin
Avocet Press  - 1999
ISBN:  0966107276  - Trade Paperback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Mario Castigiani is a internationally accredited Psychic. He is called into action to help find a murderer.


Beafort Tyler, the police chief of Floraville, Georgia calls upon Mario to help him prove that an old black man named Roy Washington (who was a local celebrity from the civil rights days) was murdered and not a suicide as the coroner thinks.  Roy was found hanging in his kitchen.  Does Roy's death have any thing to do with the hanging of Chief Tyler's predecessor, Chief Rutherford Kendall?  He was also found hanging, but police officers usually use their weapons.


AN UNCERTAIN CURRENCY is exquisitely written, with really entertaining and amiable characters, and a plot that will hold you enraptured all the way to the climatic ending. It has everything that an immense book should have, homicide, mystery, affection, eroticism, psychological tension, and racial discrimination all rolled into a nice tight mix.

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