An Eclair Mystery

By Sophie Dunbar
Intrigue Press - Sept 1998
ISBN: 1890768103

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Claire and Dan are a couple who will grow on you. Their affection, love and loyalty for each other will be tested more than once in this introductory title of the Eclair mystery series.

Claire knows she loves him and thought he loved her, so why did she find him and a lively large breasted goddess nude under the moonlight? And if that isn't enough to test her love, she finds him alone with another woman in her new beauty business / home only this one isn't lively at all! It takes humor and intelligence to solve this crime and survive this relationship... so the question is will they?

The first couple of chapters will introduce you to Claire, Dan, their family and friends. Stay with it and you will learn much more about them then you expect. The mystery has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and the backdrop of the beauty shop is unique.

This mystery not only provides us with a mystery, but also with enough sexual tension to make one blush.

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