By Richard North Patterson
Knoff Publishing – August 1999
ISBN:  0679450432
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

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I found this to be a fast paced book with true to life, believable characters and most certainly a provocative, suspenseful stunner. 

In Steeltown, a struggling midwestern city on the verge of an economic turn around, two important men are found dead within days of each other.  The author has created a woman as fascinating as her world is haunting.  Stella Marz is the Assistant County Prosecutor. She is so driven by her job; the defense attorneys call her “The Dark Lady” because of her relentless, sometimes ruthless style. Stella has earned the title because she has only lost one case in seven years. 

Tommy Fielding is the first death. He was a senior officer of the company that is building a new baseball stadium, which is the cities hope for a new future. Jack Novak, a former love interest of Stella’s is the second death. Feeling that someone is already following and watching her every move, Stella must make her way through all the facts before it is too late. 

I really loved this book because it was fast paced. I loved the ending and I am confident you will too.  Honestly I feel this is a superbly crafted, must-read thriller. Richard North Patterson has written 10 other novels and he is one suspenseful author that you should look up.

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