By Connie Shelton 

Intrigue Press ~ 1995 
ISBN: 1890768006
Mystery / PI - Detective

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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For the first title in a series this one grabs your attention and holds it till book is read. 

Charlie Parker is an accountant in a Private Investigations business with her brother. In this mystery an old friend shows up in need of help. Charlie agrees to help Stacy North find her missing Rolex watch, but ends up wishing she hadn’t because of her past history with this woman. Stacy and Charlie were best friends until Stacy ran off with Charlie's finance. In a few hours Charlie finds the watch and boy is she relieved thinking she is done with Stacy, but guess again the man who stole the watch is found dead three days later. Now Stacy needs Charlie's help even more. Charlie’s brother handles the investigation part of their business and she handles the paper work. But with her brother out of town for two weeks Charlie felt that she could at least get things started for her brother. Gary Detwiller was the dead mans name -- a con man with a lot of enemies. Finding the murder will not be easy. Stacy is arrested for the murder and Charlie has to prove her innocence’s, but finding the real murder will hard work because of all the enemies that Gary had. 
Look out for a surprise ending. 

This mystery was a very good read I can hardly wait to read the others in the series

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