By Patricia A. Rasey
DarkStar Books - 1999
ISBN: 192903444 - eBook
Mystery / Police - Detective
Mature Theme
Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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DEADLY OBSESSION is definitely an “edge of the seat” read. It’s a gripping, gory murder mystery with a bit of sexy romance. Patricia Rasey is successful in drawing the reader into each grizzle, emotional or passionate scenes. In fact certain moments in the story may seem too intense for some and try as they may to look away, like a bad train wreck they won’t be able to. DEADLY OBSESSION is compelling and intense in the both the killers’ case and in the romance of Cole and Laura. 

From the start the author has the reader picking up on the tension in Cole Kincaid’s life and how his job lives within him. It’s almost as if he senses the severity of his next case before he even knows of it. Once he is called out and examines the scene Cole finds his new case isn’t a typical murder. A young girl has died a bloody, sickening death because a psychotic killer has a perverted taste for blood. Cole also realizes this poor girl isn’t going to be the only victim. 

Dealing with a killer isn’t Cole’s only problem; he meets up with a sexy reporter (Laura Michaels) who takes to following him around. The problem is he’d rather she follow him for personal reasons and not for a story. Laura’s attraction to Cole is apparent, but she doesn’t just fly into any romance. With a little digging she finds something serious in Cole’s past, whether it’s going to affect the heat passing between these two, only these two can say. 

Note: DEADLY OBSESSION is not for weaklings.

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