By Linda Berry 
Write Way   - PB Oct. 1999 
ISBN: 1885173447
Mystery / Police / Humor

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Take a rural hometown, some quirky down home characters, a wise cracking Police Department and the usual family stress of the Easter holiday, blend them with murder and mayhem and you have a unique, humorous mystery called Death and the Easter Bunny by Linda Berry. 

Trudy Roundtree has had enough happen in her life... her husband was killed in a hunting accident. Later she returns to her hometown after a failed romance. When Trudy doesn't know where to go or what to do, her cousin Hen, short for Henry, hires her as a police officer. After investigating the latest fire and death in Ogeechee Trudy learns it's really murder. Since the other officers are out of commission with a rash they picked up while hiding in the woods on stake out, Trudy takes the lead in investigating using the help of the Ogeechee kudzu vine (Georgian for Grapevine), the volunteer fire marshal, and some of Ogeechee's other interesting citizens. While she's sleuthing she also deals with an alien visit, a family that loves to be mirandarized and cousin-in-law holding a grudge. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. It's witty, humorous and up front. Trudy doesn't just investigate a crime, she introduces us and gives us insight on her hometown, her family and her friends. Trudy is a woman with a quick wit and can take what ever comes in stride and go on. When you read it, you too will feel her confidence and shake your head in agreement at her hometown wisdom. 

You have to read this one!

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