By L.L. Thrasher 

Write Way  - April 1999 
ISBN 188517365
Mystery / PI - Detective

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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1999 Spotted Owl Award Winner! 

You know when a story starts out "I watched myself get shot three times." you have to dig in and find out, who, what, where, when and why. Once I started D.I. I had to finish it, because I knew if I didn't I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had all the answers. 

During a public Pro-life/Abortion demonstration in Mackie Woods, Oregon, Zachariah and a woman are shot. The first question is, who was the one bullet that hit them both, meant for, Zachariah or the other victim? The second question is, rifle, rifle whose got the rifle? While in the hospital Zachariah receives a call from a father concerned about his run away son. Later the father refuses to hire him and tells him to let the police handle it. Why? That's what Zachariah wants to know and takes on the case for his own reasons. He also try's to track down a mysterious woman who called his office just before he was shot. Was she trying to warn him? After two other's have been shot and his twin sister starts sleeping with her gun, against her husbands wishes, Zachariah is desperate to solve this one! 

I could not guess whodunit until the author was ready to tell me. That is a sign it was a good mystery... like Agatha Christie's Poirot, when he explains it all at the end and the others say "Of Course." 

DOGSBODY, INC. was my first experience with L.L. Thrasher's series and a good one at that. She has carried off an intense story line, which is always moving with no boring or slow parts. Thrasher has a way of grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it there. It's no wonder her first tile is officially out of print. The readers know a good author when they come across one. 

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