By Don Donaldson

Jove Books   - Oct. 1999
ISBN: 0515126500    - Paperback
Medical Suspense

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Dr. Sarchi Seminoux, a Memphis Pediatric resident, gets a call from Marge, her nephew's adoptive mother, that they are bringing Drew into the emergency room, and Marge wants Sarchi to be there when they arrive.  Drew can't move or talk, but all his vitals are O.K., blood tests are all normal, he is breathing on his own.  They put him through all kinds of tests, but they all come back normal.  On the seventh day of Drew's hospitalization the HMO steps in and says that they will not pay the hospital bills unless Drew is moved to a clinic in New Orleans.  Dr. Latham is a brilliant brain surgeon and he seems to think that he can help Drew, but he refuses to go into any details with Marge or Sarchi.  Drew gets his operation, but Sarchi notices some side effects.  Sarchi decides to look into Dr. Latham's practices, but as she does, Dr. Latham tries to ruin Sarchi's reputation.  Can Sarchi make the hospital and the other Drs. see what Dr.Latham is and how he is harming patients?  And can she rebuild her reputation?

Dr. Latham the villain in DO NO HARM and has a god like ego.  He really believes that he has the right to use his craft in any way he chooses without, regard to the patient's future, or lack of one.  To me this is the worst kind of criminal, but sure makes an interesting character to read about.  Sarchi is a very bright heroine who will go to any lengths to make things right for every one.  I thought the story line was very intense and has a surprise ending.

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