By Aileen Schumacher 
Write Way    - 1996 
ISBN: 188855173172
Mystery / Police - Detective

Reviewed by Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

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A mystery that was written very well and a must for the technically-oriented reader. 

When Tory Travers is assigned to over see the building of a new football stadium for the local university, strange things begin to happen. The son-in-law of the pre-cast yard disappears along with all the records of the column pourer. After that a quality control technician is found dead. It just happens to be a budding investigative reporter who had just interviewed Tory. 

Detective David Alvarez comes into Tory's life to investigate what's happening. He quietly starts to look into Tory's background. He uncovers a mysterious past involving a state Senator, a police record and a love affair. Tory soon receives death-threats to stay away from her job. Suspense builds at the construction site where death awaits. 

Be prepared for a very surprising ending. I thought this book was a good read and would recommend it to anyone. 

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