By Aileen Schumacher 
Write Way   - Aug 1998 
ISBN: 1885173555
Mystery / Police - Detective

Reviewed by Pam, Stone,, MyShelf.Co

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1998 Anthony Nomination! This mystery is even better than the first one in this series. Ms. Schumacher has really out done herself on this one. 

El Paso Detective David Alvarez, who we met in ENGINEERED FOR MURDER, is working on a murder case in which a second floor room falls on 2 people, killing them. Detective Alvarez calls in Tory Travers, whom we also met in the 1st book, to help him figure out what caused the collapse. Before you know it, they are up to their necks in trouble, with a killer, who needs answers and is willing to do anything to get them. This is one killer who will stop at nothing to get his questions answered, even if it means killing Ms. Travers infant son and the son of Alvarez’s partner, as he has threatened to do. The ending is Superb. 

I was so into this book, I couldn't put it down. I wanted to hurry and get all the answers myself! Thank you Ms. Schumacher for an excellent read. 

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