By Boston Teran
Knoph Publishers -  1999
ISBN: 0375401881

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com

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Mr. Terans first novel is definitely one with emotional highs and lows! A gritty read! A real page-turner! 

In 1970, a young boy finds a woman's brutally murdered body. 25 years later, Bob Hightower, a deputy sheriff, is called upon to investigate a similar savage murder. The victims are his ex-wife and her husband. A group called “The Left Handed Path” kidnaps his daughter during this time. They are a satanic cult dealing in drugs and more. God is a Bullet, is about a father who goes through a suspenseful cat and mouse chase to find his missing daughter. 

If you like an excellent, powerful thriller, then you must read this book! I for one will reread it again in the future. I have to warn the faint of heart this one is graphic.

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