By Paula Boyd 
Diomo Books  - Oct.1999 
ISBN:  096747860X

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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In this mystery you will meet a mother/daughter sleuthing team. Forty-six year old Jolene Jackson is a strong female sleuth and her seventy-two year old mother Lucille has a sharp eye and a sharper tongue, Jolene likes to cut to the chase, but Lucille has her own trick up her sleeve - or rather her purse (she likes to hit people with it). This fast paced mystery romps across my favorite landscape of North Central Texas.


When the book starts out Jolene is getting into town (Kickapoo, TX) to get her mother Lucille out of jail for supposedly killing her boyfriend the mayor, Big John Bennett. The Dairy Queen is the local hangout and where Lucille was arrested. So when she’s let go Lucille returns to the DQ as if nothing happened. Later when Sheriff Jerry Don (Jolene’s high school sweetheart) is at Lucille's home asking questions, Lucille gets up from the table where they are seated to get a glass of tea, as she does a bullet comes through the window, goes through Lucille’s arm and hits Jerry Don in the chest.  Who was the bullet meant for? Lucille or Jerry Don? As Jolene and Officer Leroy discuss the shooting outside Lucille's home someone throws a brick at them, with Leroy getting the worst of it. Jolene starts sleuthing to find out who is trying to harm them and while all this is going on she is trying to figure out if and whether at all she fits into Jerry Don's life.


Hot Enough to Kill has some comedic characters you'll just love. The author writes with a humor you can’t resist. I can't remember the last time that I read a book as light and refreshing as this. You will love the ending because you are not expecting the surprise!!!   


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