James P. Dandy, Elderhoster Mystery

By Peter Abresch

Write Way Publishing - August 1999
ISBN: 1885173687

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Killing Thyme is the second title in the James P. Dandy Mystery series. The first being Bloody Bonsai. 

I knew there was more to cooking than my mother had taught me. After this mystery I will certainly be choosier about my knives and cooking oil. 

Jim Dandy and Dodee Swisher get together in Baltimore for a lesson in love, cooking and murder. When they showed up at their second Elderhoster cooking class, they didn't expect to be in the middle of another mystery. But when chefs start dying off, someone on the inside has to help solve the murders, who better than Dodee and a reluctant Jim. These two are charming and work well together. 

It looks like Mr. Abresh has found his niche. He characters are well developed and likable and his mysteries unexpected. 

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