Edited by Otto Penzler 
Delacorte Press  - March 1999 
ISBN: 0385318006
Mystery / Police - Detective

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Authors are: Kent Anderson, Edna Buchanan, Amanda Cross, James Crumley, Philip Friedman, Elizabeth George, James W. Hall, Dennis Lehane, Elmore Leonard, Eric Van Lustbader, Michael Malone, Ed McBain, Joyce Carol Oates, Anne Perry and Shel Silverstein. 

As in any anthology, each writer has her or his own style. This anthology came across as hard-boiled and straightforward. The first story by Kent Anderson is about a cop uses drugs and loves to make bust. It's a harsh introduction and a touch of reality into this anthology. Anne Perry steps out of the Victorian age for a moment and writes one about an obsessive solider in W.W.I in her title Heroes. Edna Buchanan in The Red Shoes, writes about a man who trades his alcohol obsession for shoes, with a dangerous out come. These are definitely some stories you will remember. 

If you like your stories strong and straightforward without mincing words, dirty or other wise, this is the mystery for you.   Hardboiled fanatics will love this one. 

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