By Margaret Truman 
Random House – Nov 1999 
ISBN: 0375500685

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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In this the 16th title of Margaret Truman’s Capital Crime Novels, Annabel Reed-Smith finds murder and mayhem in the Library of Congress (LC).


In MURDER AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS I found the details about the LC interesting and like the other subjects in Ms. Truman’s mysteries, the factual information was just right, I was not slowed down or distracted from the mystery. The solving of the mystery seemed easy for me, although the different paths confused me at times and I found myself back tracking.


In this mystery three unusual thieves steal a not so famous painting that leads them in to a lot of trouble. And there is a rumor that a lost diary linked to Christopher Columbus may be hiding something more valuable than the worth of the diary it’s self, if it exist. Annabel finds herself writing an article for the magazine Civilization and does the research at the LC. She also finds some stiff competition in both, her amateur sleuthing and in her marriage to Mac, with a gorgeous, aggressive TV Reporter name Lucianne Huston.


One thing I will mention to the reader is, he or she will find there are many paths to this mystery and to get the complete picture they need to follow them all closely. MURDER AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS is a strong, intellectual mystery with interesting facts. It’s timing couldn’t be any better. This is one book I recommend you curl up with this winter.


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