Beltene Mystery, No. 1
By Sandra Brewer
Write Way - Oct 1999
ISBN: 1885173679

Mystery / Police / Paranormal

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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I hope I can do this humorous, distinctive mystery justice because I really had fun reading it.

What we have here is a possible paranormal mystery that meets up with a historically preserved Clan from Wales.

Rhiannon Beltene writes vampire novels. She even has a web page for her books. She is also the Beltene of the Clan Beltene -- a family that resides in a castle in Michigan. I think I can safely say they exist with old fashion ways that extend centuries back from Wales and past generations. Things begin to change for the Beltene Clan when bloodless bodies start showing up with two marks on the neck and the sleaze press arrives at the sheriffs’ office because they are being notified before the murders happen.

Wait, there’s more. Since the sheriff has just retired Rhiannon and the Clan have to officially ‘Welcome’ the new sheriff sooner then their family tradition normally would. It’s the only way they can let him in on their family secrets, which might help to solve the case. And when I say ‘welcome’ I don’t mean your typically, knock on the door, cake in hand, welcome to Brennan County, Michigan kind of ‘welcome.’ It’s an interesting, fun read.

Ms Brewer has written short stories of the Clan Beltene. This is her first mystery novel including them. I think it’s going to be one of the most talked about mysteries in the traditional and historical circles.

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