By Scott Turow
Farrar, Straus and Giroux  - 1999
ISBN:  0374281947   - Hardcover

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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A gripping, suspenseful book about corruption, deceit and love.

Robbie Feaver is a personal injury lawyer with a very good reputation. That is, until U.S. Attorney Stan Sennett uncovers Feaver's dirty secret. Feaver has been bribing judges in the Common Law Claims Division to win favorable judgments.   Now Sennett wants to use Feaver to go undercover to get the guy at the top. The character of Robbie Feaver is a likable con artist with a big heart. There are other characters in the book that are just as well written as Feaver, like agent Evon Miller who becomes very close to Feaver even though he is married to someone that he loves very much. Raimey, his wife, has Lou Gehrig’s disease and is dying. You feel the attraction of Robbie and Evon right through the pages of the book. There is also Justice Brendan Tuohey. All of their lives become the mystery at the core of the book, and there are a lot of surprises as you read.

Personal Injuries is a legal thriller at it's best, but than again that's Mr. Turow's style. So I’m not surprised that all of Mr. Turow's books have been International Best Sellers.

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