A Bomber Hanson Mystery

By David Champion
Knoll -  Jan. 1999
ISBN:  1888310936  -  HC
Legal Suspense

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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PHANTOM VIRUS is the fourth installment of David Champion's series of legal mysteries. The first is "Mountain Massacres," the second "Nobody Roots For
Goliath," and "Celebrity Trouble" is the third.

Angelo Scioria has lost his daughter, Merilee, to a virus called "Wanns" (an aids like virus) that was supposedly passed to her by her dentist.  He has already been sued, and the Sciorias won a 2-million dollar lawsuit from the estate of the dentist.  Now Angelo and his wife, Regina, have heard from a Dr. Walter Daimler, from Berkley College, that the drug JCD that was used for Wann's patients is toxic and killing patients rather than helping them. Angelo and Regina go to ostentatious lawyer Bomber Hanson to see if he will take the case to sue Dr. Carl Valentine, the maker of the JCD drug.  At first, Bomber does not want to help them, but soon changes his mind.  Bomber sends in his son Todd as he always does to investigate.  Todd, with his very engaging personality, gets the witnesses to open up and testify in court; that's where Bomber comes in with his flashy courtroom style.  But is that enough to win this case?

PHANTOM VIRUS is a free-flowing story line with lots of surprises mixed in.  Bomber Hanson woos the courtroom with the flamboyant theatrics he is known for.  It’s a book that you will not be able to put down until you have finished; it really grabs you right from the very beginning.

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