By Sandra Levy Ceren
Andrew Scott Publishers  - May 1999
ISBN:  0966986105

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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There’s only two ways a reader can read this one and it not affect his or her mind or life, either with the lights on or during the daytime. It’s that intense and riveting. 

There is a danger along the San Diego coast, where a slasher, rapist is targeting young lonely single women.  After one of Dr. Cory Cohen’s patients is killed, Cory decides to get involved, but the police do not want her help, needless to say that does not stop Cory. She bands together a group of psychologists in hopes of finding out how many of their patients are receiving calls from the rapist, they also attempt to come up with a pattern. Cory decides to go even further by putting herself in harms way to get this maniac. I call him a maniac because the rapist they are dealing with is a brutal, unemotional psychopath like no other I have ever read. 

The author does an excellent job of literally putting the reader into the mind of the killer. I promise as you read Prescription for Terror, you too will wonder with a feeling of fear could there really be such an evil creature as this running around our streets. This psychological thriller is one of the best that I have read. 

It was fast paced -- a real page-turner. I can hardly wait for the sequel.

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